Customized engraving for electronic products

Sample Photo of Laser Marking Engraving on  Electronic Products

Why choose laser equipment for marking on electronic products?

Nowadays, consumption ideas are constantly changing as people's consumption capacity gradually increases. Consumers are not satisfied with the functional requirements any more, and owe to the growing demands for customization, they put forward new requirements in appearance design and other aspects. Therefore, laser equipment can be used to carry out engraving and marking such as images, patterns, texts, signatures at designated positions according to individual wishes and enterprises' demands, and also can cut out a variety of shapes with distinguishing features.

Recommended Machines

UV Laser Marking Machine

UV laser marking machine Main used for all kinds of glass, Charger shell of Samsung and Iphone, earphone, TFT, LCD, plasma screens, textiles, thin ceramic Silicon, IC Crystal, Sapphire, polymers, drug, cosmetic, polymer materials such as wire, bottles(boxes)surface marking, and micro-holes


3W UV Laser Marking Machine

The UV marking laser with wavelength of 355 nm are,due to a high repetition rate,particularly suitable for marking glass With high peak powers they are most suitable for fine marking and structuring without thermal impact on glass applications.