The creative laser processing machine for Jewellery

Adapted to the gold, jade and other precious materials of creative design and processing

Display for laser processing samples of jewellery

Why choosing Hispeedlaser engraving processing on jewelry?

In the jewelry industry, laser engraving systems have already replaced traditional marking methods such as mechanical, printing on pads, stamping and chemical engraving.Whether it's the traditional engraving on rings, adding a text to a ring or customizing a bracelet, laser engraving on jewelry can mark on a broad range of shapes and materials with extreme precision and speed.

Split fiber Laser marking machine with rotary fixture

Split fiber Laser marking machine adopts the third generation (the most advanced) solid-state fiber laser to create the super fine effect of marking. It can widely used in various metal and some non-metallic surface to create the permanent mark.

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Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine With Rotary Fixture

Desktop Fiber laser marking machine used in metals, and some nonmetal, gold, silver, iron, etc. Components of automobiles and motorcycle, packaging of goods, drink and cigarette. Nameplate, jewelery watches. It can make kinds of graphs, words and signals.


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