Laser marking for PCB board 

Laser marking is suitable for components such as processing tubes, capacitors, resistors, sensors, circuit boards etc.

Sample Photo of Laser Marking Engraving on PCB board 

Why choose the laser marking machine for laser marking of PCB board?

Comparing with traditional marking methods, laser equipment can realize complicated processes such as wire winding of potentiometer windings, short-circuiting of conductors on windings, welding between thin metal sheets, and marking on the surface of metal components.

UV Laser Marking Machine 


UV laser marking machine Main used for all kinds of glass, Charger shell of Samsung and Iphone, earphone, TFT, LCD, plasma screens, textiles, thin ceramic Silicon, IC Crystal, Sapphire, polymers, drug, cosmetic, polymer materials such as wire, bottles(boxes)surface marking, and micro-holes                                                                          Detail>>

Fiber laser marking machine

processing a variety of metal materials and some plastic materials.such as: stainless steel, brass, aluminum, silver, steel, iron and so on, can also be marked on many non-metallic materials such as ABS.                               

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