Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Rust Removal Machine

Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Rust Removal Machine

Product Description

The laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech product for surface cleaning. It’s very easy to install and operation. It could be used with no chemical reagents,no media, dust-free and anhydrous cleaning, with the advantages of auto focus, fit crank surface cleaning, high surface cleanliness. 

The laser cleaning machine can clear the surface resin, oil, dirt, dirt, rust, coating, coating, paint, etc.Laser rust removal machine is with portable laser gun.

Application Area

1. Metal or workpiece surface coating removal; 

2. Fast removal rust, oxide and dry paint; 

3. Remove resin, grease, residue glue, dust, dirt, production residue; 

4. Metal surface roughening treatment; 

5. Dry paint appear before welding or bonding, removal rust, oil, residue glue after welding, residue treatment; 

6. Mold cleaning, such as tire molds, electronic molds, food molds; 

7. Removal of dirty oil after production and processing of precision parts; 

8. Quick cleaning of nuclear power components during maintenance 

9. Aerospace weapons, oxide treatment during ship production or maintenance, rust removal10. Cultural relics cleaning, exterior cleaning of buildings

The Main Parameters

Power20Watt 30Watt 50Watt 100Watt 1000Watt
Operating Temperature0°C-45°C
Repeated Accuracy8μRad.
Small Step Response Time≤0.3ms
Maximum Scanning Angle±15°
Average Operating Current0.2 A
Ratio Shift<40PPM/°C
Zero Drift<15μRad./°C
Long Time Drift (Keep continue working 8 hours)0.5mRad.
Peak Current15A
Storage Temperature-10 to +60°C
Input Aperture8mm
Speed Of Light Displacement12.4mm
Wiring Length /m3.0( Can be customized according to demand)

Samples for reference

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