Mini UV Laser Marking Machine

Mini UV Laser Marking Machine

Mini UV Laser Marking Machine

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Hispeed UV Laser Marking Machine 1.5W  adopts three order intracavity frequency doubling (THG) technology. Compared to infrared laser, 355nm ultraviolet laser has extremely small laser facula, which reduces the mechanical deformation to a significant extent and diminishes the influence of heat-process to a very limited area. Therefore it can be mainly applied for hyperfine marking and engraving, especially suitable for marking on packing materials ,medicines, mobile phones ,keyboard , chargers etc..

ModelUV-1.5 .
Power1.5 W
Beam QualityM2<1.3
Output Power10%-100%
Output Frequency15KHz-100KHz
Power Stability(8h)<±2%m
Pulse to pulse instabilit<±3%rms
Spatial ModeTEmoo(M2<1.3)
Beam Divergence<2 mrad (full angle)
Beam Diameter0.6±0.1mm
Beam Roundness>90%
Pointing stability<50urad
Polarization Direction<Horizontal
Polarization Ratio100:1

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