Mask Earloop Ultrasonic Welding Machine 20KHz 2000W

Mask Earloop Ultrasonic Welding Machine 20KHz 2000W

Product Description

Hispeed Ultrasonic Non-woven fabric converter mainly used in the mask welding, which including surgical mask, N-95 mask, cup-shaped mask,  zipper welding, install easily and stable, with the good quality. This product is used the ultrasonic technology, by the ultrasonic high frequency vibration, under the setting time and pressure, quickly produce friction and heat, let the two sides of plastic products melt together, welding quickly and beautifully. This product adopts the world's leading ultrasonic frequency automatic tracking technology and power automatic tracking technology, which has overcome the puzzling question caused by the converter used for a long time itself lead to drive power supply damage of frequency deviation and poor welding results. Then it will achieve the ideal welding effect.


20kHz 2000W Ultrosonic Welding Machine

Full set: Generator + Transducer + horn mould

Power: 2000W

Frequency: 20kHz

Welding Horn: 110*20mm(Optional)

Generator: Analog

Votage: 110V/220V

Work Temperature: 5°C-50°C

Machine Features

(1)Usage: For ultrasonic plastic and nonwoven fabrics
(2)Automatic frequency tracking: The system automatically monitors frequency and warm-up.
(3)LBTTransducer with piezoelectric ceramics more stable ultrasonic energy.   
(4)Commonly used in the market. stable quality.
(5)Touch color screen: it offers a better experience with its easy-to-use interface and computer connection. Source quality alarmTesting system components
(6)High voltage, low voltage circuit protection.

Other Frequency & Power Options

  • 15Khz  2000W
  • 15Khz  2600W
  • 20Khz  2000W
  • 28Khz  800W

Horn Mould Option Chart

After Service

1.All of our machine will be fully-checked by our quality control department before the shipment.

2.Numerous feedback from our clients have proven that our laser machines are stable inperformance with rare malfunction.

However, we would like to handle it as follows once malfunction occurs:

a.We guarantee that we will give you a clear reply within 24 hours.

b.Customer service staff will assist and guide you to analyze the malfunction in order to locate the cause.

c.If the malfunction is caused by improper operation on software and other soft faults, we will help solve the problem on line.

d.We will offer plenty of online supports, just like detailed technical and installation instructions by email,video, telephone,team viewer.etc.

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