What are the advantages of a MOPA laser?

Mar. 12,2020

The light of marking lasers is generated in pulses. Generally, the pulse duration is non-adjustable. 

What is special about a MOPA laser is that its pulse duration is variable: 

Long or short pulses can be adjusted in steps between 4 and 200 ns.

Additionally, the laser parameters pulse duration, pulse frequency and pulse energy can be adjusted nearly independently of one another what results in high flexibility.

Furthermore, there is a difference regarding the pulse frequency itself: While the range of the pulse frequency of a so-called standard laser lies between 1,6 and 200 kHz, it lies between 1,6 kHz and 1 MHz for a MOPA laser. 

Summarizing, the MOPA laser offers more flexibility regarding the adjustment of laser parameters. Thus, the MOPA laser is extremely versatile, and can be adapted to the material very accurately if needed.

What are the advantages of a MOPA laser?


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